Freediving school in Dahab.

Start your freediving journey with us! Molchanovs and AIDA freediving courses, trainings and personal coaching.
We are a couple of freedivers sharing one passion - magic of freediving. It has entirely changed our lives and we aim to show how beautiful this world of inner freedom can be.

Somewhere in the depth you meet yourself and see the path for improvement. Sometimes you meet your fear and have the chance to look into its eyes and overcome it. Sometimes you listen to the silence and this is the most incredible sound of the world. You dissolve and become the part of the ocean. Disappear and then reborn again.

Currently we stay in the world's Mecca of freediving - Dahab where we train by ourselves and teach people from all over the world. See the schedule of courses and feel free to enroll.
Ivan Drobyshevskyi
Current National Records holder for Ukraine
Prize winner on national and international competitions
AIDA Instructor

Vira Olevska
Ukrainian Champion STA
Molchanovs/ AIDA/ SSI instructor

Instructor: Vira Olevska
Instructor: Ivan Drobyshevskyi
Instructor: Vira Olevska
Instructor: Vira Olevska
Instructor: Ivan Drobyshevskyi
Instructor: Ivan Drobyshevskyi
Удивительно дружественная, тёплая атмосфера!
Персональный подход к каждому студенту.
Ребята профессионалы в своём деле. Рекомендую, не пожалеете!

Zhanna O.
I really love to dive with Vera!
I always do my Personal best with her.
I feel super confident, safe and relaxed and have a lot of fun!

Laura Lindström Caudwell
Feel free to write and call us. We will be happy to answer your questions and register you on an event.
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Lighthouse area, Dahab, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt
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