To whom?
On the advanced course you will be able to experience a free fall - the incredible feeling many people stay in freediving for. Also after this course you will have a clear understanding how to develop and improve your freediving skills.

What will be covered on the course?
Freediving physiology.
Short-term and long-term adaptive mechanisms of our body.
Hyperventilation and Bore effect.
Frenzel equalization improvement.
Lungs measurements.
Buoyancy and free fall.
Dalton's law.
Shallow water blackout.
Training concepts.
DCS and surface intervals.

Full body and chest stretching.
Designing and performing dynamic training tables.
Frenzel equalization workshop.
Identifying the point of neutral buoyancy.
Demonstrating a self-rescue technique for a leg cramp.
Using a safety lanyard.
Ascending without mask.
Demonstration of DNF and CNF dives (Wave 2 only)
Tow an inert freediver to a shore a minimum distance of 50 meters.
Static apnea session - holding your breath on land and in the water.
Dynamic apnea session - freediving in the pool.
Open water sessions - CWT and FIM up to 30 meters.
Practicing advanced buddy system and rescue skills.
Course requirements
AIDA 2/Wave 1 Certification
Age 16 years and above
Ability to swim 200 meters, or 300 meters with fins and snorkel
Completed medical questionnaire (and permission from the doctor if there are "yes" answers in the list)
Signed agreement with terms of acceptance of responsibility and risks

What you will achieve after the course completion
Breath hold - 2:30 min +
Be able to swim under the water in the pool with fins more than 50 meters
Dive to the depth of up to 30 meters
Experience the free falling under the water
Master the Frenzel equalization technique
Be able to design training tables (AIDA 2 only)
Apply the buddy system and rescue skills
Learn DNF/CNF discipline (Wave 2 only)
Have an access to Base Training Program designed by the best world freedivers (Wave 2 only)

What is needed on the course?
Towel, slippers, swimsuit, light sportswear.

Full set of freediving equipment: wetsuit, fins, mask, weight belt, weights. If you do not have your own set, we will provide it for you. This is included in the course price.

The full courses (pool+depth).
AIDA 3/Wave 2
3,5 days course (28 hours)
Learning materials, certification and equipment are included.
AIDA 3/Wave 2
7 days (40 hours)
Learning materials, certification and equipment* are included.
(+3 additional open water sessions)
*equipment included only for the course
What is next?
You can continue learning and apply to the instructor assistant level and be able to dive up to 40 meters to depth.
Feel free to write and call us. We will be happy to answer your questions and register you on an event.
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