To whom?
Master course is designed for those who you wants to dive below lungs residual volume. You will learn advanced equalization and stretching techniques, lungs packing and reverse packing and will be able to become instructor assistant.

What will be covered on the course?
Physics – Dalton's Law, Boyle's Law, Henry's law, Decompression Sickness, Nitrogen Narcosis
Failure depth and how to increase VC and decrease RV
FRC Diving - how and when to use it, benefits and risks
Mouth-fill - how and when to use it, benefits and risks
Packing - how and when to use it, benefits and risks
Fitness and Training for Freediving - aerobic and anaerobic training, stretching
Nutrition & Diet for Freediving
Attention deconcentration technique.

Exercise leading a warm-up / stretching session appropriate for open water freediving
Exercise preparation of the set - up necessary for an open water session: handling bottom-weights and ropes, tie safe knots, set precise depths
Understand the mechanism of FRC dives and practice them
Practice Mouth-fill equalization technique together with FRC dives
Remove one fin at the depth of 20m and swim back with only one
Perform gentle full-lung stretches and RV stretches as preparation for the dive session
Rescue a blacked out freediver from 20m
Practice CNF dives (Wave 3 only)

Course requirements
AIDA 3/Wave 2 Certification
Age 16 years and above
Completed medical questionnaire (and permission from the doctor if there are "yes" answers in the list)
Signed agreement with terms of acceptance of responsibility and risks
Completed a course in First Aid and CPR within the last two years

What you will achieve after the course completion
Breath hold - 3:30 min +
Be able to swim under the water in the pool with fins more than 75 meters
Dive to the depth of up to 40 meters
Equalizing below your residual volume
Mouthfill equalization technique
Buddy system and advanced rescue skills
CNF dives up to 25 meters (Wave 3 only)
Have an access to Base Training Program designed by the best world freedivers (Wave 3 only)

What is needed on the course?
Eq tool for practicing mouth-fill exercises.

Towel, slippers, swimsuit, light sportswear.

Full set of freediving equipment: wetsuit, fins, mask, weight belt, weights.

The full courses (pool+depth).
AIDA 4/Wave 3
4 days course (32 hours)
Learning materials and certification are included.
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AIDA 4/Wave 3
7 days course (44 hours)
Learning materials and certification are included.
(+3 additional open water sessions)

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What is next?
Instructor Course
You can continue learning and apply to the instructor course to become a freediving instructor.
Feel free to write and call us. We will be happy to answer your questions and register you on an event.
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