Discover your inner peace
through underwater meditation
18-26 February 2023
Bali: Ubud, Amed
Find cofidence and mental stability, improve overall health enjoying landscapes and famous sights of the beautiful Bali island.

We are exited to invite you to our Yoga and Freediving retreat that is a balanced program of freediving, yoga and much more...

You will explore amazing underwater world , practice daily yoga, osteopathic face yoga, breathwork and deep meditation getting all benefits for overall physical, mental and emotional states, deep relieve and recharge.

We have prepared beauty of your stay in every step starting from acomodation, yummy healthy menu, visiting places of whisdom and concentration of high energy, and finishing with outstanding underwater photo shooting.
What is freediving
Freediving is diving on the single breathhold with self body capacity. Learning special techniques will allow you to hold breath longer and train your body and mind to depth.

It gives benefits for overall health like strengthening blood vessels, helps develop muscles and increases endurance and vitality. It also benefit your joints, which experience less pressure under water, increases flexibility and help strengthen your lungs through exercises to increase their oxygen capacity.

Freediving also helps to improve focus and emotional intellect and reach mental stability. It opens new horizons by naturally expanding your network by connecting with concious people.

Freediving can be performed as a healing practice, deep meditation, recreation activity, sport, and funny adventure.

Beside all that, beauty of underwater world and reaching depths that used to be perceived as "beyond human abilities" will become a part of your life, your new beautiful chapter.

What you'll get
Everyday yoga, freediving, meditation, beautiful accomodation, tasty healthy food, like minded people and incredible atmosphere of Bali island
  • Yoga
    Yoga lessons offer a comprehensive practice to better prepare the body and mind for freediving, allowing for a better understanding, a more accepting, and courageous attitude towards our own potential and limitations.

  • Freediving
    No matter if you have any experience of freediving before or not - it will change your life and perception. Somewhere in the depth you meet yourself and see the path for improvement. You listen to the silence and this is the most incredible sound of the world. You dissolve and become the part of the ocean. Disappear and then reborn again.
  • Travel
    We'll see the most exiting places of the island of Gods and Demons. Green jungle combining with deep blue ocean, volcanos and dark sand beaches, sacred temples and sunken wreck - and this is only a small part of what Bali has prepared for us.
  • Underwater photos
    Underwater aesthetics is something very beautiful, so every participant will have underwater photos as a good memory of time spent on the retreat.
Retreat program
18-26 February 2023
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Meet our team
Your guides to the incredible underwater world and inner self
  • Valeriya Adamchuk
    Yoga Flow Trainer, Freediving Instructor Assistant
    Yoga Flow trainer for more than 10 years
    Author of soul face yoga direction for rejuvenation, deep relieve of face, neck tissues and healthy posture balancing.
    In love with freediving.
  • Vira Olevska
    Freediving Instructor
    Ukrainian Champion STA
    Molchanovs/ AIDA/ SSI instructor
    Founder of Inly Freeving school
    Taught in Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt and Bali.
  • Antonio Albagli
    Yoga Teacher
    Antonio has lived and taught Yoga in Bali for 7 years. He draws from an intuitive combination of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, and a deep curiosity in Neuro- plasticity, Music Psychology, Movement Studies and Anatomy, as well as a thorough understanding of biomechanics.
    He has over 5.000 teaching hours, and is certified at the RYS-200 level.
Retreat cost - 2990 eur

For early birds (until 23/01/2023), the cost of the trip is 2790 euros
What is included
- accommodation for 8 nights
- food and beverages
- transfers inside bali
- freediving sessions
*(certification is available in case of succesful completion of AIDA course)
- sightseeing
- underwater photo shooting
- all practices (yoga, breath works, face yoga, lectures and workshops etc)

What is not included
- flight ticket
- medical insurance
- 20 EUR freediving certification cost (in case you'd like to certify in AIDA)
Photo by Oliver
Photo by Paul
Photo by Arnaud
Photo by Leo
Photo by Katie
Photo by Fabrice
Photo by Leopold
Feel free to write and call us. We will be happy to answer your questions and register you on an event.
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